Friday, July 13, 2012

Crochet Projects

Lots of crochet projects have filled the last few months as well. A number of afghans, and some branching into other areas as well.

Baby Dress
In my early days as a Pinterest convert, I found this pattern. And new that I wanted to make it right now for the daughter of a friend. I waited until some larger projects were finished, and then bought the yarn and experimented. It was rather strange to suddenly be using a much smaller hook and super soft yarn. Threw me for a loop (ha ha) for this first little while, even. But I got used to it, and I'm very happy with the result. Of course I made it a little big, and I don't think she can wear it for awhile, but that's OK.

Baby Afghans
And influx of (expected) boy babies has had me working in a lot of blue and brown.
Granny Spiral
Long wave in blues
There was another blue and brown baby boy blanket in a really neat chevron granny stitch, but I forgot to take a picture...guess I'll have to make another one.  :-)

New Purse!
I got the general idea for this from (where else) Pinterest, but the pattern and design are quite my own (and also quite universal :-). The rainbow colors make me so happy!

Secret Project No. 1
OK, it won't be a secret any more, although I'm not going to actually post the recipient's name here. I was quite taken with this pattern, but wanted to do something sunflower-ish, while keeping in the color scheme I surreptitiously got from the future owner. I'm very happy with the result, and I hope that she will be too.

Secret Project No. 2
I'm rather astonished by this afghan. I love the color scheme and the pattern and the way those two elements mesh. It's exactly what I envisioned when I first thought about making an afghan for this person. The pattern is from “50Sensational Crochet Afghans and Throws,” a book I was able to get through inter-library loan after I saw someone else's project on Pinterest.

Secret Project No. 3
Granny stripes, as described by Lucy at Attic 24. A great way to use up some of the remnants I've collected over the years - there are 30 different colors in this afghan! No real color pattern – just basically a dark color followed by a light color. And I'm especially fond of the border on this one.

More things are in the works, of course. I'm currently experimenting with a sweater-jacket for Judith...I intend to post about it once it's finished.

The Joy:
With the exception of the purse, these are all gifts – what JOY there is in creating something for another person! Each of these projects is filled with the joy I have in crocheting, as well as prayers and love for the intended recipient.

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