Saturday, September 20, 2008

sleeping - prelude to night #5

So tonight is pretty messed up. We had family over (which is good) and so Judith was pretty much just UP for the last 5 hours, (which is bad). She's SO tired! I'm not sure if that's good, because she should sleep longer to make up for sleep lost, or if it's bad because she's too overtired and will just wake up looking for comfort. I guess we'll see. Daddy was able to help her sleep (finally!) a few minutes ago, which also complicates the issue - should I wake her to feed her again so she can make it through the night (she last ate at 8:30, so she definitely needs more to make it 'til morning), or should I just let tonight be what it is, and feed her when she wakes up, however many hours away that is. Guess I'll play it by ear. (See how much Lance is rubbing off on me?!) Update tomorrow.

the Daddy Dance

Sometimes, when Judith is screaming, the only thing that quiets her is dancing with Lance. He cradles her in his arms and waltzes around the house. It's beautiful to watch. And really, if I try the exact same thing, it doesn't work...she wants her Daddy.

sleeping - night #4

so. she "tanked up" just fine - without spitting or anything - but she didn't sleep all that long before waking up the first time. It was 2:30 when I gave her the pacifier. Then she woke up at 4:30. I didn't feel like I could give her the pacifier again, since it had been 7 hours, I fed her. She ate ravenously for exactly 12 minutes, and then stopped like a switched was turned off and went back to sleep. Since then she's been wanting to eat every two hours or so, and only sleeping an hour or so in between. It's hard to believe she could already be going through another growth spurt, but it sure seems that way today! Wonder how THAT will affect the night sleeping.