Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tummy Time

Lance is very good about playing developmentally with Judith. One of the things they do together is tummy time (as recommended!). Originally tummy time took place on our bed, but he recently switched to using a exercise mat on the floor covered by a blanket. It works a little better because it's a firmer surface and Judith can push against it. She's gradually getting used to it (depending on her mood/level of tiredness). Lance "distracts" her with some of the toys (they're finally getting used!), but, as this picture shows, there comes a point where she really wants nothing more to do with it. Of course that's probably when the most development happens, because she begins to move her arms and legs in an effort to get out of the position we've put her in. It certainly looks like a prelude to crawling!

chew toys

It seems pretty evident that Judith is at least starting to teethe - the drooling continues to increase, she's occasionally pretty cranky, and she loves to gnaw on anything she can. So yesterday we got out some teething toys for the first time. She needs quite a bit of help getting the toy to her mouth (although the big circle thing is a lot easier for her to manage than the teething duck), but once it's there she really chews. There's no evidence of teeth yet, but I understand from reading and from friends that teething can happen for quite awhile before any real teeth show up. We tried giving her some homeopathic teething tablets for the crankiness this evening, and they seemed to help a little. (I don't know if that confirms the teething diagnosis, or if she was just ready to be un-cranky for a while.)

Darth Vader or the Baby Whisperer?

Judith is continuing to experiment with making noise. Her latest efforts have resulted in a very gravelly, growly breathing. We've been discussing whether she's making a Darth Vader sound (new nickname Darth Judith) or whether she's trying to whisper. Probably the answer is neither - she's just playing with her vocal chords - and either way, it's a pretty funny noise!