Monday, February 9, 2009

first tooth!!!

Yesterday morning Judith's first tooth broke through. She won't let me see it (so there're no pictures). Well, I'm not sure there's anything deliberate about my not seeing it - it's just that it's on the bottom, and she won't move her tongue. I almost got a glimpse of it when she was screaming her head off, but otherwise she keeps her tongue over her gums. I can feel it though - a little razor poking through in the middle. Another milestone!

Yesterday was also Judith's first day in the nursery at church. She's been getting to antsy (and loud) to stay in the service, so after the opening worship I took her in. Unfortunately the worker wasn't someone I know very well, and I don't think Judith had even seen her before. Apparently she (Judith, not the worker) cried for the last 15 minutes...although no one came to get me until the 15 minutes was up! So Judith was pretty hysterical by the time I got to her, and I'm really hoping that she doesn't remember the nursery as at traumatic place. My plan is to wait to put her in again until our friend Denise (whom Judith knows quite well) is working. We'll see.

Other updates: Judith now sits on her own (unsupported) for several minutes at a time before losing her balance. She also scoots herself around backwards (pushing with her hands) when she's on the wood floor. And she likes carrots but not peas.