Friday, January 22, 2010


One of our favorite new Judith-words is spatula. She learned this word when she got the play kitchen and tools, and she likes to say it over and over - it's such a fun word to say after all! Here's a little video (my first video post!!!) of her saying it.


Judith has a cold :-(. She woke up Wednesday morning with an extremely runny nose. And since she doesn't quite understand blowing, we've been following her with a kleenex for the last three days. It is starting to dry up a little, and she's getting really stuffy as a result. We've been giving her C-Plus cold tablets, and putting liquid garlic in her ears to help prevent an ear infection. She thinks the liquid garlic process is pretty fun, actually (much better than having her scream the whole time!), and as soon as we finish, she wants to do it herself. Here's a picture from yesterday morning of her showing that she knows exactly what to do :-).

This morning Judith re-discovered her moose slippers (given by our good friend Char at a baby shower). They're still a little big, but she wanted to wear them, so I put them both on her feet. And she had a great time running around in them...for about 5 minutes. Then she brought me her shoes to put on instead.