Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music and More

I feel like I can almost watch Judith changing cognitively at this stage. In the last two weeks, she's begun singing (in tune even!) along with CDs or other music (she's always loved music, but now she REALLY loves it - she'll even play her "keyboard" and sing with that!); she's started putting words together occasionally ; and she obviously understands and connects words and actions to things. Some anecdotes to illustrate:
  • She'll say "Bear. Juice. Num Num" as she gives Bear "sips" of her juice.
  • Today she brought me one of her little toys that spin (they're actually shape-blocks that go in big snail-thing, but they have a rounded knob on the top, and they make great tops). As she brought it to me, she said "pin", (spin)...and "gain" after I'd done it once.
  • This evening, about 15 minutes before Lance came home, she brought me one of her books and said "rea?" I explained that I was making dinner and I couldn't read to her right now. She insisted ("si" "rea" - (sit, read) and so I said I would read it through one time, but that Daddy would be home soon, and he would read it with her. So we sat and read it, and she got down and I went back to cooking and didn't think anything more of it. Except that as soon as Lance came in the door, she said "Daddy! rea!" and brought him the book!
Now, maybe this is all normal for her age (17 months), but to me it's absolutely astonishing to watch her develop. She amazes me every day.

Playing her keyboard book.

watching the "top" spin

reading with Daddy