Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I took advantage of our continuing beautiful weather to do some work in the yard.  Judith joined me outside for a couple hours.  She was beside herself with excitement to find a ladybug on a leaf.  All on her own, she got it to crawl on her hand, and it crawled up and down her arm for long enough for me to examine it with her, go inside to get the camera, come back out and take pictures, put the camera away, and come back to look at it some more.  The whole time she was talking to it, saying things like "Hello, Ladybug.  I'm Judith.  And this is my mama."  And the only time she got a little nervous was when it crawled so far up her arm that she couldn't see it anymore.  (I redirected it to climb back down.)  She also moved it back and forth from hand to hand, and let it balance on the end of her hoe for a little while.  A very fun nature moment!

"Look mama! It's on my hoe!"
"Hello ladybug, I'm Judith."