Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I realized today that it’s been almost a week since I blogged anything.  (And thought, “if I’m trying to stick to my goal of blogging once a week, I’d better get on it!”)   This week’s been super busy (aren’t most weeks for most people?), and blogging just moved to the back burner as I fit everything in.  Here’s an overview of what’s been going on.  (Sorry, no pictures - I've only been taking pictures of my artistic endeavors lately, and you'll have to wait 'til tomorrow's blog for those!)

Valentine’s Heart Boxes
On a whim, I posted a picture on facebook of some edible chocolate heart boxes that I’d made last fall.  When I immediately got three orders, I decided to post the same picture as a flyer in my Curves and see what happened.  I ended up with nineteen orders!  Wonderful.  Amazing.  Help!  I’ve been working non-stop for several days, molding and filling the truffle hearts and the boxes.  But I’m done now!  (Breathe)  And I can get started on all the other Valentine’s gifts that I had intended to do this week.
On Monday I had a cleaning at my new dentist.  And on the dentist’s receptionist’s recommendation, I had Lance bring Judith along to my appointment so that she can start being comfortable in the office.  She got to brush a dinosaur’s teeth, and she got to watch the hygienist clean my teeth.  And then she got a sticker at the end (I didn’t get a fair!).  The hygienist also looked at her teeth (again – no fair!  She never lets me look in there.) and pronounced them beautiful – so I’m not too worried about getting her in to actually seethe dentist for a while.  On the whole, a good first experience.
Co-op Preschool
Also on Monday (in fact, we went straight there from the dentist) I attended a planning meeting with three other moms for a co-op preschool that we’ll be starting.  Four kids, four moms – rotating houses and rotating teaching responsibilities.  We start this Monday (Judith’s going to school (sort of) in two days!) at another mom’s house.  I get to observe for the first two weeks and then dive in to “teaching.”   I am excited to see how Judith does in “class”, really interacting with other kids and having to listen to a teacher for a while.  She’s done that at MOPS, but it’s not something I’ve observed.  Look for an update next week about how the first day went!
On Wednesday we ran some errands, and ended at Raley’s, one of our local grocery stores.  When we walked in, the kids’ center caught Judith’s attention.  I’ve  always known that Raley’s had a kids center (you can drop your kids off for free and they’re entertained while you shop!), but it never occurred to me to use it.  Raley’s is a little out of my price range, and I’m usually only running in for one specialty item.  That was the case on Wednesday too, but  Judith was so taken with the coloring and movie-watching going on in the kids’ center that I let her stay.  (AAAAH...she’s growing up. and independent. And she doesn’t need me all the time anymore!)  It was, admittedly, very nice to walk leisurely through the store to find my stuff without Judith in tow.  And she had a great time and didn’t want to leave with me.  I guess we’ll have to try it again some time!
I hosted a Tupperware party on Thursday night (I was not anticipating all those chocolate box orders when I scheduled the party!).  And we let Judith stay up for it.  It didn’t start until her bedtime, but the Tupperware consultant was there before bedtime, and we didn’t think Judith would be able to fall asleep if she heard strange voices in the house anyway.  So we just planned for her to be up (way too) late.  She had a blast.  She flirted with each person who came, she tried constantly to get the Tupperware lady to give her things, and she ate lots of snacks.  The rest of us had fun too – and I even got free stuff.
Shaun the Sheep
Judith is still very taken with Shaun, and likes to pretend that she’s Shaun, while I’m the mommy sheep and Daddy’s the daddy sheep.  And then she talks in nothing but “baaa”.  Yes, it’s highly imaginative, and I don’t want to stifle my child’s creativity, but it’s also highly annoying!  I’ve tried to explain that I really can’t understand anything she says in baaa, but that doesn’t help.  She just gets more emphatic. I guess she understands herself?
Vegetable Garden Already?
Our wonderful (unseasonal) weather has meant that I've been able to get out in the yard!  (Although, again, if I'd anticipated all the chocolate boxes, I'd have spent less time out there.)  I've divided and replanted my irises, and I also planted some vegetables!  In February!    On Monday I planted some lettuce, carrots, and beets from seed (hoping they might actually grow in my wonderful dirt), and am breathlessly anticipating their appearance. 
Two Updates:
Potty Training
I’m a little leery of writing this, given what usually happens when I share any positive potty training news.  Judith seems to actually be getting it.  She still has accidents, and she still has times when she’s gyrating like crazy in the potty dance and refusing to admit that she has to go.  But she’s also be initiating trips to the bathroom on her own (including #2), and she’s very proud of herself when she does so.  I think there might be light at the end of this tunnel!
I got sooo many responses to my blog about eating, and I’ve assimilated some of the ideas into our routine.  I’ve been insisting that Judith at least try a little of whatever we’re eating (if it’s not something she already eats, of course) before she gets her own dinner.  Most of the time she takes a long time to try whatever it is, and then will try to eat as little as we’ll let her get away with.  Once in a while she’s actually liked whatever it was and even eaten more!  She does have to try everything every time we eat it, even if she didn’t like it the last time.  I figure we’re at least exposing her to new/more foods and eventually the list of what she eats will grow. 

The Joy
While I wouldn’t really classify this week as a trial, it has been extremely busy and I’ve had times when I wondered if I’d make it through to the weekend without having a meltdown.  I can joyfully say that I was at least consistent with having my quiet time (not always at the same time every day), and that provided some calm to look forward to each day.  And in writing this blog, I find joy in Judith’s progress and growth.  We persevered!

Joy to you!