Wednesday, May 6, 2009

9 month checkup

(It's hard to believe Judith was nine months old on Saturday - it's gone so fast!)

This morning she had her nine month checkup. Dr. Wolfrey said she's doing "very well." She's 29" long (92nd percentile) and 17 lb 8 oz (45th percentile). (I have to say that once again she weighed much less than I thought she would - sometimes, when I'm lugging her around, I'm sure she weighs 25 lbs!) She's also "ahead" developmentally - waving, pointing, pulling herself up on things and cruising, and repeating sounds that we make are things that you'd "normally" see at 12 months, not 9.

For the first time she reacted quite negatively to the doctor's office experience, starting with the weighing - she screamed when Lance put her down on the scale. And then again when she had to be put on the table to be measured and examined. The doctor said 'she's exhibiting very normal "fear of strangers".' She had one shot - her final Hep B innoculation, but since she was already upset from being back on the table at the point, I'm not sure she even noticed the shot :-).