Saturday, January 7, 2012


My poor, sweet Judith had the 12-hour stomach flu last night.  She started telling me that her tummy hurt on the way home from driving carpool (3:30), and then she threw up every 15 minutes for the next 6 hours.  NOT a fun way to spend the evening.  At 5:30 she “just wanted to rest” in her bed.  Which she did – waking up every 15-20 minutes to vomit again!  It was mostly dry-heaving, of course, which is just terrible to watch.  And it was happening so frequently that I googled it.  Turns out dry-heaving is the brain’s fault – it’s still sending “purge” messages.  And it’s not something to “worry” about unless it extends more than 12 hours!  Whew...six hours was bad enough; I don’t want to think about 12!  Fortunately, by 11, she was done and I could go to bed too.  This morning she’s eaten applesauce and toast-with-honey without any problems, and she’s SOOOO much more chipper. 

A bonus for me was that I got to finish my book – I couldn’t watch TV and crochet, because I wouldn’t have heard Judith right away, and I wouldn’t have been able to put the crochet down quickly (I was trying to avoid having to change the sheets every time).  It’s actually the first book I’ve read since before Thanksgiving!  (I’m pretty sure that’s a record for me.)  I even had to take a book back to the library without reading it because I was so busy doing other things.  And then, when the holiday frenzy was finally over, I was so excited to be starting my afghan that I didn’t read anything.  Then I the Costco magazine review of A Discovery of Witches intrigued me, so I requested it from the library.  And the book was intriguing too!  It’s fantasy, obviously, with a fun, storyline and lots of historical detail.  I enjoyed it very much until the end – when I discovered that it’s the first of a trilogy, and the others aren’t written yet.  (Should have checked that before I started it!)  I had (almost) forgotten how much I enjoy reading.  And I was reminded that it really takes time away from all my other priorities.  Until this recent hiatus, I simply made time to read, at the expense of other things.  And once I picked up a book again, I noticed myself neglecting other things to read – I didn’t blog; I didn’t do the yard work I planned to; I didn’t crochet; I stayed up too late...  So I’m wrestling with myself over whether I should immediately start another book.  In the past there’d have been no question.  Now I wonder if I should finish other projects first, or set a time limit on how long I can read each day.  Weird!