Friday, January 1, 2010

Day One - A Good Start!

New Year's Day - and I'm blogging, as resolved!

Today was pretty great. Judith slept until 8:00, which, considering that she didn't go to bed late or anything, was very unexpected, but quite welcome. Then Renee John and her kids came over to babysit while Lance and I went to see Avatar with Nate and Amanda. Apparently Judith didn't even notice that we were gone! And she took ate lunch AND took a nap! (and the movie was awesome) God is so good!

The Johns stayed for dinner and a movie - here's a picture of Judith playing with Jessica's hair (she - Judith - was pretty enthralled with it).

And a bonus picture of Lance and Judith and the bridge that they built - Judith had great fun walking under it, until she discovered that she could just lift the "bar" right off - at which point she demolished the towers with it.