Friday, November 14, 2008

Lesli's Birthday

(this one also posted to the wrong blog - written on Wednesday)
On Monday, Aunt Lesli turned 40, so yesterday, because Lance had the day off of work, we went up to Chico to celebrate. Judith did not-quite-as-well-as-I-hoped, but still pretty well in the car. She slept about half the time each way, but she yelled when she wasn't sleeping, so I had to move to the back seat next to her to keep the pacifier in her mouth, and to keep her somewhat entertained.

She also had no interest in napping while we were there - she slept for approximately 30 minutes in the stroller when we went for a walk, and for about an hour in the front pack while we were eating dinner. (She was pretty fussy and close to sleep in the front pack for a while, and I suddenly thought, "why don't I just cut out the light for her" so I put a blanket over her head, and she went to sleep immediately!) She wouldn't sleep in the pack-n-play though, and so I've decided to set it up in the living room here and at least try to get her used to it for future use.

General Update

(I don't know HOW, but this posted in the wrong blog (baking) on Wednesday, and I didn't catch it until today!)

Somehow, the days have gotten away from me, and it's been another week since I wrote! Here are some general updates from the past week:

Judith has discovered her vocal chords - and she definitely has the "Beebe lungs". She yells all day long! About 60% of the time, she's not upset at anything, just rather fascinated with her noisemaking capabilities. It's cute for a few minutes, but after a few hours I have a definite headache!

Judith is sitting up more and more - a friend gave us a Bumpo chair (see picture) and the amount of time that she sits in it before getting upset is lengthening exponentially day to day.

We've also decided that she's to the "definitely holds her head up on her own" stage, and so we've put her in the exersaucer/jumper as well. Here too, she's getting used to it, and will sit in it for longer and longer periods of time. She doesn't quite engage with all the toys yet, but that will come.

I've started using the front pack more frequently as a means to have both hands free while I carry her around (the yelling constantly has something to do with this - she doesn't yell as much when being carried and I'm trying to save my eardrums!). I haven't tried her facing forward yet, but she seems to enjoy it facing backward, and has even fallen asleep in it on occasion. Today I'm planning to use it outside the house for the first time - we're going to a store where I'll need a cart and not the stroller. So we'll see how that goes - especially with getting her into it from her carseat!

Sleep-wise, Judith is doing quite well at night - she's now sleeping for 9 1/2 hours or so. During the day, however, she's pretty inconsistent. She seems to be stuck between transitioning to a couple long naps and wanting to sleep more frequently. There have been several times during the past week when she has been so tired, and yet didn't want to nap...or hasn't napped for very long and just wakes up tired. I'm hoping the transition works out soon!

She also seems to be transitioning to fewer feedings during the day. First, she's now going to bed around 9:00 instead of 10:00, and I'm not "tanking her up" as much (only two feedings two hours apart, instead of three). Second, and sort of in combination with the first, she's going more like 3 1/2 hours between "meals". My body is, of course, taking a while to adjust to that, especially because it's not consistent. I'm doing my best to pay attention to her hunger cues, so that I don't feed her when she's not hungry; at the same time, I get a little worried about whether she's getting enough food!

So she's in a state of transition, it seems, but she's still so happy most of the time, and the joy she brings is indescribable.