Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today, for lunch, Judith got to try pieces of banana (as opposed to mashed banana). At first, I cut it up into very small, bite size pieces. And she would eat them from my fingers, but she wouldn't pick them up herself. I don't think she could get a very good hold on them, slippery as banana is. So I decided to give her a bigger piece - a whole round, that was a little thicker than the other slices I'd made. I thought "she'll just bite pieces off of it, like she did with the strawberry." And she did, at first - and then I turned around to get something, and when I looked back, she'd put the whole piece in her mouth! That certainly made me a little nervous, but I watched her carefully, and she just gummed it and eventually swallowed it all. She ended up eating four chunks that way (all in all, with the little pieces that she ate from me, she ate about 1/3 of a banana).

I had also cut up some cheese, and she definitely preferred that over the banana. I had to actually hide the cheese to get her to eat banana instead. Guess she's a girl after her mama's heart!