Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby Carrier

Today Judith spit all over her bouncy seat. Which means that the cover had to go in the wash. Which means that I have to find another place to put Judith down when I can't hold her - except she didn't want to be put down, and I needed my hands free. So I tried on the baby carrier for the first time (Lance has worn it a couple times), and figured it all out on my own! She didn't last too long in it, because she started to get too tired, but it was extremely convenient while it lasted.

One year

Today is the one year anniversary of Lance's step in faith (a year ago today he decided to say "ok" to having a baby). And I realized this Sunday, on Judith's three month "birthday", that she was born two days less than nine months after he made his decision! In a time when many of my friends have tried for months or years to conceive, I still find that an astounding affirmation from God of Lance's trust.

Last walk

Today we went walking for the last time with my friend Erin - she's moving to Des Moines next week :-(. I took some pictures to memorialize the occasion. Some walks have been better than others (really, it depends a lot on whether Judith is content to sit in the stroller - Erin's son Blake is always good), and today was a good one. Judith was asleep for most of the walk, and when I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe, we discovered Blake was sleeping too. Here they are asleep in their matching Bob strollers.