Sunday, January 3, 2010


A beautiful first Sunday of the year - I was singing with the band this morning, so Judith and I went with Lance at 8:15 to church. Fortunately, Amanda had agreed to watch Judith during rehearsal, so they got to play together for quite a while. And the weather was gorgeous, so they even got to play outside! Judith also said Camryn's name for the first time this morning. (We are forever grateful for the family we have at River Rock - Judith knows and loves them (and so do we) as if they were blood relations.)

This evening, we had our first-Sunday Life Group dinner, and got to hang out with Nate and Amanda for awhile. Judith had a great time playing peekaboo with Nate - through a semi-transparent blue tupperware lid. Here's the before...and here's her "after" face - sometimes she says "keepoo" and sometimes she says "ha":
At one point she tried it with a non-transparent lid. She didn't like that at all, so she handed it to Nate for him to use instead :-).

Later on, after Nate and Amanda left, Lance and Judith used Tigre and Bear as pillows: