Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And so it begins??

Picture No. 1 - Judith on the potty!

Obviously, she's not "going" on the potty, since she's sitting on it fully clothed. Yesterday I got it out of the garage, washed it off, and brought it in. She was quite interested in it, and wanted to sit on it (with her book!) but wasn't nearly as happy when I tried it without her pants on. I think part of the problem she has with it is that it's just slightly too high for her to get on for herself. And she likes to be able to sit down herself.

I got it out in the first place because of my new dilemma about diapers. Judith is still, for the most part, in cloth diapers, but she wets through them all the time, and as a result she's getting a nasty rash around her leg where the wet diaper cover rubs against her. I have stuff to put on the rash, and I check her constantly, so that she isn't wet for very long, but the rash doesn't really seem to be getting much better. The only time it improves noticeably is when she wears disposables for a day or so. But disposables are so expensive! (Although, given how much more frequently I have to do the laundry both for the diapers and the covers, it might be closer to equaling out cost-wise.) So I thought "what about potty training?" And I took the first step by getting the potty chair out of the garage (incidentally, we have a second potty chair as well - both hand-me-downs) that might be a better height, I'll have to get it out and check. I did check into some websites with potty-training hints, and I'm not entirely sure that Judith's really ready to be trained yet. The biggest "miss" on the list of "signs of readiness" is a "dislike of being wet or dirty". Pretty much she'd much rather not have her diaper changed ever, so I figure she's not feeling and dislike of the dirtiness. We'll see. For now she can sit on it when she likes, and occasionally I'll put her on it with no pants, and see what happens. (There's really no rush, except for my diaper-dilemma.)

The second picture is of Judith enjoying a new toy - she got this stroller today from Julia, who we walk with. When we got home from our walk, I opened it for her, and she spent the next half hour (at least) pushing Donald around. She did occasionally alternate with her car, but she kept returning to the stroller. Even the offer of lunch didn't distract her! Apparently it's a big hit.