Thursday, January 19, 2012

Showcasing Past Projects

Since I haven't blogged for years - and since I've never blogged about crochet projects until now, I thought I'd showcase ("show off!") some of my relatively recent projects.  For the patterns that I know, I've captioned the pictures with the url link.

Judith's Big-Girl-Bed Afghan 
(January 2011)
I tried to tie this one in with the mural that's on her wall.  So I picked out some coordinating colors, and then found a wonderful rainbow multi (Sensations Rainbow Classic) with those colors, and picked out a few more colors to go with the multi.  I wanted flowers - but not too obviously flowery - and I found this granny square pattern that seemed to fit. I didn't actually download a .pdf, so I'm having trouble finding the actual pattern that I used.  It's a pretty standard granny, though.  I'm very happy with the result, and so is Judith :-)

Jada's Butterfly Afghan
(Spring 2011)
I wanted to do an afghan for my six-year-old niece, because the last one that I made for her was when she was born.  I found this 3D butterfly pattern that was absolutely perfect!  I started with the same rainbow multi as I used in Judith's (above), and then chose colors for the butterflies from remnants of yarn.  I decided on the green background because it blended with the rainbow better than a white or other more neutral color.
I loved the result so much that I also made it in yellow for my niece Olivia:
(sorry, this is the best pic I have!)

 and in blue for my niece Cora:

Layla's Afghan
(Summer 2011)
My friend Amanda picked out these colors herself for her newborn.  Then I went looking for a pattern that would some how say how much we loved and valued the baby.  I found this wonderful hearts and diamonds pattern.  It went very quickly - the heart panels are crochet in separate strips and then outlined with the diamonds and then stitched together.  I did have to do some finagling because it wasn't as big as the original pattern - but I think it turned out fine anyway.

Prairie Star
(August 2011)
When Lance's cousin's son got engaged, I started looking for an afghan pattern that would make a memorable present.  I found this wonderful pattern AND another wonderful color combo from Sensations Rainbow Classic in blues and browns.  Here's the result:

I also made hats, scarves, shrugs, and other afghans - but don't have pictures, so I'm not going to blog them :-).