Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goal Check-Up

Since we’re two months into the year, I’ve decided I should do a spot-check on my goals, to see how I’m doing.   Just one more way to hold myself accountable!

I will reach and maintain my weight loss goal – not doing so well on this one!  I have lost some weight since January, but I think was more due to the stomach flu than anything else.  I’m having an extremely hard time finding motivation to track what I’m eating and to make healthy eating (snack) choices.
I will plan more healthy meals for myself and my family (not just meals that aren't high in calories) including salads with most dinners – doing pretty well here.  I’ve been experimenting with new recipes from Pinterest, and getting in the habit of making salads.
I will study my Bible more regularly and more passionately – my in-depth study on James continues.  Most days, as soon as Lance comes home from work I have “quiet time”.  Judith knows that this is my time, and that she needs to get help from Daddy (not me) if she needs it.  She also knows that this is time that I’m reading about Jesus, and I love being able to model Bible study time to her.  Weekends mess with my schedule, though, and I’m not as diligent about studying.
I will make time (and arrange child care) for more dates with Lance – nope, not yet!
I will research and create a plan for homeschooling Judith – I’ve been in conversation with a couple friends about their home school plans.  I certainly don’t have a “plan” yet, but my research is progressing. 
I will invite guests for dinner at least once every two months – one couple came in February!  Now to find someone for April.
I will more closely follow our grocery budget, curbing splurge impulses – ummm...not too sure on this one.  I think I’m doing pretty well curbing impulses – but with all the new recipes I’ve been trying, and more visits to the farmers’ market, we’ve been over-budget food-wise.
I will not go to bed without cleaning up the kitchen – doing very well one this one!  I’ve only not-cleaned two or three times since January!
I will care for my houseplants so that they thrive instead of being just barely kept alive – so far so good.  I’m getting into the routine of watering days, and I’ve started to re-pot (or at least re-soil) so that they’ve got more nutrients to draw from.
I will blog at least once per week – yay!  I’ve been keeping up with this one.  Although I do have to admit that don’t blog as often as I’d like to – mostly because I don’t make it a priority.

So it looks like I’m doing pretty well on these (if I can just get motivated to stick to weight loss!).  At the same time, I know I’m struggling with finding joy – Judith’s been sleeping less, so I’ve been sleeping less, and that saps a lot of my energy.  In the coming months, I hope to be a little more responsible about getting enough sleep, and about managing my frustration with a tired-yet-hyper child.

Joy to you!