Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tahoe Trip (12/7-9)

Lance's parents have a time-share in Tahoe that they've had since he can remember. They go every year about the first week of December, and his aunts, uncles, and grandma join them. This year we decided to take Judith up for a few days to meet the family. We stayed two nights and two days. It was Judith's first night away from home, and she really did much better than I was expecting. Based on how she didn't sleep in the pack-n-play when we went up to Chico a few weeks ago, I was really expecting her to have a hard time. But she even went down for naps in it (albeit fewer than usual), downstairs away from us! She also slept all night (although she was restless, something I think is probably normal; I just don't normally notice it, because she sleeps in her own room!). Unfortunately, she also seems to be more aware of who is familiar versus who is unfamiliar. She took awhile to warm up to the relatives, and would often look around to make sure Lance or I was there, if we weren't holding her. While it's fun to know that she knows who we are, it's also a little harder because she wants to be with us and not someone else. (Yes, I know that this is a developmental stage and will pass.)

still growing!

I know, it's not a surprise that Judith continues to grow :-). It just keeps happening faster than I expect! She received some 6-month-size clothes from her great aunts while we were in Tahoe this past weekend, and I decided to try them on, just to see. And they fit! The sleepers, which have feet, are a little big, but that's all to the good for sleepers. So today I went through the next drawer down in her dresser and pulled out all the 6-month clothes. Her 3-6 clothes still fit (fortunately!), so with the new influx of clothes she has a wardrobe that's as big as mine!

rock & roll, baby!

Judith has begun to roll over! For the past few weeks, she'd occasionally roll onto her side, but it wouldn't go any farther than that. Now, in the past 24 hours, she's begun to roll all the way from her back to her stomach. She gets stuck then, because she can get back over onto the other side (yet), and she gets one arm caught under her body. It's a little scary, because she'll do it in her crib as she's waking up - but she calls for help, and we come to the rescue.

She also, today, seems to be preferring to stand instead of sit. Frequently, she'll lie on my legs, facing me, and grab my hands to pull herself to a sitting position. But today when she does that, she's locking her knees and standing up instead.

(I've known both of these things would happen sooner or later, but that they've happened so suddenly makes me amazed (again) at how quickly she's growing!)