Monday, January 11, 2010

talking, sleeping, playing

The biggest news to report: Judith started saying "Gamma" (finally) yesterday morning. I was sitting at the computer, and she came up, as she often does, asking to see pictures on the screen. Most often, she asks to see "nay nay" (our friend Nathan), but this time she was clearly asking to see Grandma. So I found pictures of all three grandmas, and she had fun pointing them out and saying "Gamma."

The sleep thing is still pretty up in the air. Our one trial day with no nap went fine during the day, and she went to sleep almost immediately an hour before her normal bedtime - but she was up two hours earlier than normal the next day, and was super crabby all morning until naptime. So I don't think we'll be trying that again. I've pretty much just decided that I'll put her down around noon, and wake her up if she doesn't fall asleep in time to wake up naturally before carpool time.

Here are the two recent pictures: she spent some time with Lance yesterday while he was playing games on the computer - I like how it looks like she's telling him where to go/what to do (too bad you can't see what's on the screen).
And here's a picture of her playing with some items from her tea set this morning. She often asks to sit in a specific chair, and since I was working in the computer room, she chose to sit in Lance's computer chair. She balanced the little cup on the arm of the chair kind of by accident, and I congratulated her on doing it. Then she spent the next 10 minutes or so trying to balance the tea pot as well.