Sunday, January 31, 2010

a whole week again??

How does time get away from me so quickly? I really was going to blog more than once this week...but it didn't happen. So here's a summary.

Judith has at least one more new tooth. I keep expecting to see another molar coming through on the bottom right side (to match the one that's in on the bottom left), but the newest one I see is a molar on the top left - to oppose the bottom one, I guess.

Fun new words include: grass, sky, moon, blue (yes she recognizes the color), swing, and elephant.

We've been playing outside a lot this week, because (starting Thursday) we finally had some sunny weather. Unfortunately, I've been working in the yard, so I didn't take my camera out, and there are no pictures (yet) of Judith enjoying the grass...or rather, the mud. She's been exploring in the yard, rediscovering acorn "hats" for her fingers, climbing (or trying to) on the terrace bricks, and sliding in the muddy grass. Today I cautioned her to "be careful" near the edge of a short grass step. She stood on the edge saying "ej" "carpees" (edge, careful) and then slid down it on her bottom.

We also went to the park with Vika and Julia on Thursday. Vika and Judith had great fun swinging and playing on the slide. Vika tried to teach Judith how to climb up the slide, but since the most she (Vika) could do was climb onto the end of it, I don't think any lasting damage was done :-). By the end of our time at the park, however, Judith was climbing up the play structure stairs, walking across the (bouncy) bridge, and going down the slide all by herself! (Actually, that was pretty scary for me, so I don't know how often she'll get away with it.)

Here are some pictures from this week:
Peanut butter face!
She was actually wiping the peanut butter off the toast with her finger, licking her finger, and then eating the toast.

I was working in the kitchen and had the stereo on. Suddenly I heard wild giggling from the living room, and when I looked in, saw Judith dancing up a storm - giggling wildly as she did so.

I asked Judith one morning if she wanted to watch a movie (yes, I finally given in and let her watch some DVDs - one of two hand-me-down Baby Einsteins or a Veggie Tales.) I put in a VT movie, and within five minutes she had taken Baby Beethoven off the shelf and brought it to me, saying "moopees" (movie) over and over - obviously she wasn't happy with my selection! The part that she's watching in this picture is one that she always anticipates. That little toy begins to spin with the music after sitting still for about 1 second - Judith always says "pin" (spin) as soon as she sees the toy.

Tonight I tried giving Judith macaroni and cheese (again). In the past she hasn't really eaten it, just played a little bit with one or two noodles, but tonight she actually ate quite a bit of it, and was able to chew it just fine (thanks, I'm sure to those new teeth!). We did ask her not to eat it with her hands, and you can see how successful that request was. It was pretty humorous to watch her hesitate over putting her hand in the bowl, and then slowly give in to the temptation.

And one last picture of Judith playing with Daddy and NayNay. They were rolling her pink soccer ball around, and Daddy stuck it under her stress. She thought that was pretty hilarious!