Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been going longer between blogs lately, partly because I've been a little busier, but mostly because I feel like I have less to write about. I'm thinking about just chronicling what we do each day (some days will be quite boring!) instead of trying to find something momentous to blog about.

Judith continues to grow. She is now almost completely out of the 3 month clothes, although I keep trying to squeeze her into some of my favorites. I've gone through and cleaned out all the 0-3 and 3 month outfits, washed the 3-6 month stuff, and moved them into the top drawer. 3-6 is a little big, but not much!

In the past week I've started to really use all the bibs we got. Judith is spitting quite a bit, but it's more like constant leak than big spits. It means that if she doesn't wear a bib she soaks through her outfits within an hour. So now she just gets a new bib frequently! Fortunately we have LOTS.

She also finds her fingers almost whenever she wants them now, even if it means contorting herself to reach them. It's fun to watch her strain for them, and then examine them closely and pull them in and out of her mouth. It's a game that can last half an hour sometimes! Whether or not she gets them seems to correspond to her level of tiredness...which means that the pacifier is still her preference at bedtime or naptime.

Her sleep patterns have been a little wacky again. She's back to 10-6 (praise God!) but nap time is a little confused. Last weekend she seemed to be sleeping about 45 minutes and then waking up. On Monday she slept about 1.5 hours out of every 3 (that's about normal). On Tuesday she slept about 3 hours the entire day! And today she slept about 2 hours out of every three. I'm sincerely hoping that she will be back to "normal" tomorrow, and not repeating Tuesday. I'm thinking that she might be trying to move from lots of little naps to just a couple longer ones. We'll see.