Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Day of (Pre) School!

This blog is a little late - I've been busy working on other things :-)

On Monday, Judith started preschool!  It's just an in-home, co-op preschool that we're doing with three other families, but it was still a momentous occasion.  We'll be rotating from house to house and taking turns teaching (my first turn to teach will be on the 27th), and for this first time went to a new house.  I was a little concerned that Judith might be timid in a new place, and with a teacher that she didn't know, but she sure wasn't!  She had such a great time playing with the other kids and participating in story time and doing her craft...I think she'd have been fine if I'd left after the first few minutes.  (I stayed, though, because I don't think my degree in secondary education was much preparation for teaching four three-year-olds, and I wanted to observe.) 
backpack on - ready to go!
circle time

The Joy did my baby get old enough for school?  There is bittersweet joy in watching her grow, especially when she is so independent.  I want her to be independent, but I still miss her dependency.

Joy to You!