Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A few recent, fun lessons for/with Judith :-)

Judith loves books, but it's only recently that she's willing to sit and look at them on her own, without being read to.  One day last week, after she'd been in her room (playing quietly!) for quite some time, I peeked in to make sure she was still alive.  This is what I saw:

The hat is one that I'd made for her a year or so ago.  The book is the Curious George collection.  She'd managed to get the hat on herself (over her ponytails, no less!) and was sitting quietly telling the stories to herself.  Of course, as soon as she saw me she invited me to come read to her, but it was a sweet moment nonetheless.

Water Play
Bath time is Daddy time. (And it's Mama's time to clean up the kitchen and do a few other things without interruption!)  And he and Judith have fun playing in the water and sometimes doing little experiments (like discovering that if you put a wet washcloth over a cup of water and turn it upside down, the water stays in the cup).  This time, they called me in to see what was happening.  As the picture below sort-of shows, Judith was pouring water over her own face/head, and actually enjoying it!  (This from the child that used to scream bloody murder when her hair was rinsed!)  This gives me great hope for the success of swimming lessons this year.

Bass Guitar Lessons
Lance recently started giving bass lessons to a teenage friend of ours (in exchange for babysitting - Yay!).  So he's been playing his bass a little more too, and Judith is very interested.  She certainly isn't going to escape music in this house - not that she wants to :-)

The Joy
My little one continues to grow up!  And every new discovery fills her with joy.  Most of the time that's pretty contagious.

Joy to you!