Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday was not good.  In fact, it was so not-good that I deliberately waited until today to post about it, just so that there was a little space (and perspective) between it and me.  No, there was nothing horrendous or tragic.  It was just a long string of frustrations pieced together throughout the day.  (And in the cold light of morning some most of them look rather petty.  Oh well.  I'm blogging about them anyway.  This is about learning to find joy in everything!)

It started bright and early at 5:55 a.m. with a little girl who decided that sun was shining and she should get up.  (And this was despite a somewhat-later-than-normal bedtime, which meant that she did NOT have enough sleep.)  We went through our normal morning routine, got breakfast, and turned on some cartoons (she's currently enamored of a British kids' TV show called "Kipper").  I went to the computer to eat my breakfast while checking email, facebook, etc.

And I heard a loud CRASH, with tinkling wind chimes on the end of it.  Judith had (finally) pulled the living room drapes down on top of herself.  No worries!  She was not hurt in any way.  She was hiding under a couch pillow when I got to the living room, so she'd obviously scared herself.  I'm really hoping this means that she actually might stop pulling on the curtains now.  At any rate, I woke Lance up to help me clean up the mess (yes, he slept through the huge crash and the subsequent commotion), got dressed, and took Judith to do the weekly grocery shopping.  She was perhaps, cowed enough from the curtain incident to be pretty well-behaved for all our errands.

At the farmer's market I went straight to the herb stand because I'd seen this wonderful indoor herb garden idea and was very excited to try it.  In talking to the herb lady, I mentioned that I was going to be growing them indoors, and she looked at me like I was incredibly stupid and said "good luck with that."  I explained that I hadn't been able to get herbs to grow at all outside, and I thought inside would be the way to go...long story short, she convinced me that and indoor herb garden wouldn't work.  And just like that, all my lovely plans for the indoor herb display were gone.  (Anyone have a half-wine barrel they want to get rid of?  I'm going to try some outdoors.)

When we got home, I went out into the yard to do some watering and a few other odds and ends.  And discovered that, in spite of warnings and injunctions and explanations about growing things, a little girl had been hoeing in my brand-new lettuce patch!  Half of the tiny, just-peeking-up seedlings were ripped up.  I cried. (OK, I also yelled and screamed some.)  And Lance talked Judith into coming to apologize.  And assessed the damage and replanted, and hope that new seedlings will grow.  (And I took away Judith's hoe.)

Back inside about ten minutes later to discover that Judith had wet her pants again.  This week she's been SO up and down potty-wise.  One day she'll have dry pants all day, and the next she'll have five accidents.  And she's once again stopped telling me if she has an accident, and her rash is getting nasty again.

The rest of the day was major-incident free.  I even got to take a short nap.  But my attitude was horrible.  In hindsight, I should have shut myself in my room for awhile just to reset my heart.  But I kept going through task after task (checking off things on the to do list!), and getting more and more tired and frustrated with the day. 

The Joy
Oh man, really?  Is there joy here?  There's joy that yesterday is over! :-)  I persevered - not really - I was so not who I want to be yesterday.  I said things I regret.  My priorities were all screwed up.  But I can recognize that and move on.  That's progress, right?

joy to you