Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sleeping - take two

ok, so last night didn't "work". It could easily have been my fault. I was pretty restless last night, waking up frequently and in and out of bed. At 4:00 Judith was making noise, and I went in to check on her - which might have woken her up further (or she might have been already awake, I don't know). So, since I was up anyway, I changed her in "dim light" and nursed her for a little while (I'm not exactly sure how long 'cause I couldn't see the clock with the light off!) and put her back down. Then she slept until about 7:00.

Tonight I've tried the cluster feeding again - at 6 and at 8 and (if she will wake up for it) at 10. I'm thinking that tonight, if/when she wakes up at 4:00, I'll give her the pacifier and rock her for a little while instead of feeding her (This is a scenario straight out of The Baby Whisperer.) and see how long she sleeps after that. I have no doubt that the pacifier can put her to sleep - she often goes down for a nap with one, but I don't know if hunger will wake her up earlier than usual - we'll see.

I'm a little torn about the urgency of all this. I want to train her right, and I'd be so grateful if she slept for eight hours, but at the same time, it's pretty uncomfortable for me to go eight hours without feeding her, and I'm sure I'll wake up anyway. I guess I'll just see how tonight goes and take it from there! More updates tomorrow.

sooo big!

This morning, Judith and I discovered that she has outgrown her newborn onesies! It is extremely hard to snap the bottom snaps when we put them on; she's just too long. A little of that has to do with wearing cloth diapers instead of disposable, but not that much. When we first dressed her in them, I thought "wow, these will fit her for a LONG time!" But here it is, just six weeks later, and we're graduating to the 0-3 month or 3 month stuff. Fortunately, we have clothes in all kinds of sizes.

(I am very sad about her growing out of a few special onesies - I'm thinking about finding some onesie extenders just for those. The colors probably won't match, but she could still wear her "I love Daddy" and "I love Mommy" outfits.)