Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter (a little late!)

Easter Fun

Our MOPS group hosted an Easter egg hunt in a park.  We got to play at the park,
Judith with her friend Lily
 make crafts,
coloring a coffee-filter butterfly
and hunt plastic (candy-filled) eggs.  
finding eggs
As I watched Judith hunt eggs, I noticed she was bypassing most of them.  When I came closer to ask her about it, I noticed that she only had pink eggs in her basket.  Apparently the other colors just aren’t good enough!

We celebrated with Lance’s family.  We dyed eggs, 
making a pre-dye design
pink (of course!)
hunted eggs, 
hey, I found one!
Cora and Olivia had a great time pointing out all the not-so-hidden eggs to Judith!

Easter girl

and hung out with family.

Easter Meaning
We celebrated our Risen Savior on Easter morning.  Most significantly to us, Judith was baptized. While the church we attend and my own upbringing support infant baptism, the time never seemed right when Judith was an infant.  But we’ve been discussing it more and more lately, and when we heard that they planned to have some baptisms on Easter morning, we decided to do it.  Judith is God’s covenant child, and we need all the help we can get raising her as such.  Baptism is our way to recognize and emphasize that.  We are so so so blessed to be in our church family.  We have participated in the lives of many children there over the years, and we are overjoyed to be commemorating Judith as a part of that community. 

Easter Baking
I didn’t take pictures of most of my Easter baking.  I made a strawberry cheesecake for the Saturday family meal, and I made a whole bunch of mini cupcakes for church; our worship leader and his wife are moving away, and we were commemorating their time with us.  
I had one Easter order: a woman from Curves ordered three hand-painted rabbit cookies for her grandchildren (I made some extras for family).   
Judith painted some cookies for Daddy while I was painting mine.
 And I made some Easter butterflies for the women at my MOPS table.
love how this one turned out!

Easter Joy
If any day in the Christian calendar promotes joy, it’s Easter.  Our Lord is Risen!  Death is conquered!  We will live forever with Him!  And then there’s joy in seeing family.  And there’s joy in baking.  And there’s beyond-joy at officially welcoming my precious daughter into the covenant family.
posing in her new after-Easter dress from Great Great Aunt Nancy

Joy to you!