Thursday, October 30, 2008

A chilly walk

Today there was a chilly wind (ok, chilly for Sacramento in October) when we went for our morning walk, and so I put on this hat (crocheted by my Lance's coworker Adrianne) on Judith. She turned her head from side to side trying to get it off, but otherwise she really didn't complain about it.

We walked through a more affluent neighborhood near here. It's an older neighborhood, and there are lots of trees overhanging the road and shading the houses. I would imagine that the people actually know their neighbors, and have kids that play together! We even saw two flocks of wild turkeys wandering around! It seemed almost a different state.

Also, what you can't see in the picture is that for the first time Judith has a red ring around her mouth from her pacifier. She fell asleep halfway through the walk, and apparently sucked on it hard enough in her sleep to leave the mark. How she can do that in a moving vehicle, but lose her pacifier every five minutes in her crib is beyond me! :-)

deep conversations

As I write this, Judith is lying in her crib happily chatting with the mobile. I had gone back to bed for a little nap this morning, and she woke me with her noises - but then I realized that they were happy noises, and so I'm leaving her in there until that changes. It is so amazing to listen to her!

In other updates: yesterday we drove up to Auburn to surprise Grandma Sandy at her store. Judith did just fine during the car ride (35-40 mins each way) even though she didn't sleep on the way up. I could hear her periodically sucking on her fingers. She was a little tired at the store, and perhaps a little overstimulated by all the noise/lights/colors/smells/people. But she slept on the way home and was fine the rest of the day.