Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Whole Week?

Oops! I didn't mean to go quite so long between blogs, but I'm not going to publish 7 pictures here . We've been just fine, although Judith would really like to be able to play outside - our yard is currently flooded. I think she's been getting a little stir-crazy. We've been able to take advantage of a few breaks in the rain to talk short walks along the sidewalk, but it's not the same as being able to really run. Unfortunately, it'll probably be several months before she can do that in our backyard.

On a positive note, Judith's been sleeping much better - and we didn't have to take naptime away (yay!). She's adjusted to taking her afternoon nap around 12:30, and she's slept 10 hours straight for the last two nights (I'm hoping that's a trend, and not just a coincidence, we'll have to wait and see). Here's a beautiful picture that Lance took of her sleeping:

I took this picture to show how proficient she's becoming at feeding herself with a spoon. Yes, she gets oatmeal all over the place, but it can all go back in the bowl, and eventually gets into her mouth. Incidentally, she loves oatmeal ("ohbeal"), and eats about a cup of it every morning.

Here's a picture of her playing with the alphabet magnets that Grandma Judi made for her - on this day she was transferring them one-by-one from the back of the front door (it's metal) to the wall (magnetic painted).

And here's today's picture. Lance and I had finished our dinner, and we were all just hanging out in the kitchen. She's become quite excited by the camera - wanting to see the "baby" every time a picture is taken. So I told her to go and sit by the wall and I would take one. Lance got her to give this beautiful smile.