Friday, July 3, 2009

Playtime with Daddy

Lance spends about an hour (or more) every evening playing with Judith. I took some pictures of them playing recently.

Here they're playing with the blocks I made (empty Kleenex boxes covered with contact paper). Lance built the towers; Judith knocked them over (of course!). Most of the time, Lance could hardly put one block on top of another before she smacked them down. But there was one big tower, and I got a shot of the tower falling! (If only it was a little more in focus :-).

Judith is also pretty fascinated by her stuffed animals (all shapes and sizes). Tigre, her stuffed tiger, is her favorite, but she plays with the rest pretty frequently too. Here she and Daddy are stuffing the animals into a plastic container putting the "lid" on, and taking the animals back out. Only Tigre's head fits, but she sure tried to get him in there!