Monday, September 29, 2008

Two-month checkup

Well, Judith is officially growing! She weighs 11 lbs, 6.5 oz (60 percentile) and she's 23 inches long (75 percentile). And the doctor said it's really my fault that she eats for such a short amount of time - he said that it all depends on how quickly the mother's milk comes out. So I guess I'm just a fountain (or maybe even a power washer)!

Then Judith had 5 shots. I know that in the long run it'll probably be ok (the debate on immunizations is still undecided in my mind) but watching her react to that first shot...and then watching the big drops of blood pour out of her leg...that was not ok for me. Naturally she screamed for a little while, but she was sleeping when we left the office...and the nurse said "is she ok now?" And I thought "well, we won't know if she's ok for a while! There's all this junk that you just shot into her that her body has to fight." But of course I didn't say that.