Saturday, March 21, 2009

crawling update

The house is no longer safe. I can't just put Judith down in one place and expect her to stay there anymore! Yes, she's officially crawling everywhere - and can get to places I thought were pretty well blocked off. It's amazing to see her move so fast, but a little scary too, because she often gets to things before I can :-).

I've been asked if she's pulling herself up on things, to which my standard reply is that we don't really have anything for her to pull herself up on. I'll have to change that answer now - today she started pulling herself on anything she could: the box I've used to block her into the living room, the bench, the chair, her pack-n-play wall...she's ready to stand up!

Sleeping isn't going too well though - Thursday night she was up every two hours; last night it was every three. And she's "too smart" (or maybe just too strong-willed) to take the pacifier when she wants to nurse. So I'm really wrestling with the best way to get her to go back to sleep!