Saturday, January 9, 2010

a new kitchen, friends, and a big mess

It's been a relatively eventful last two days.

Yesterday morning some good friends brought over a kitchenette for Judith. It arrived during her lunch, and immediately she wanted to get down and play with it. I explained that she couldn't get down right now because she was eating...and she said "Done!" :-) During her nap I also got out the tea set and other "kitchen" toys she had recently received as hand-me-downs from her cousins. She has had a great time playing with them - especially the spoons and cups. She walks around the house giving "bites" to Lance and me, as well as all her stuffed animals. She also really likes to open and shut the "microwave" and "oven" doors. (Thanks Chris and Traci!)

Last night we went to FLG. Dillenders were hosting it, and we got there a little earlier than the rest of the people, so we got to have some time hanging out with just them. Judith loves playing with Camryn - here's a picture of them together.

Today I was on the phone with a friend, and then went into the computer room for awhile. Lately Judith's been playing by herself throughout the house (a very nice change from having her stand right next to me saying "up" all day), and for the most part I haven't had to worry about her. As I sat at the computer, I could hear her swishing something around on the floor in the hall, but I figured she was just "sweeping"one her toys. Nope...this is what I saw when I came out:
She had gotten into my container of chocolate wafer crumbs, and was having a riot spreading them all over! (Ok, this is really my fault for leaving the crumbs where she could reach them, even if I didn't think she could open the container.) Think she's ready for a sand box? (Incidentally, I know it would have been a much better picture to leave her in the middle of the crumbs, but I wasn't going to risk that.)